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You may have seen our recent blog about government proposals to cut legal aid for women making applications under the ‘domestic violence rule’.  Under this rule women who come to the UK on a spousal visa but then face domestic violence can leave their marriage and apply for permission to stay in the UK in […]

Under what’s called the ‘domestic violence rule’ women who come to the UK on a spousal visa but then face domestic violence can leave their marriage and apply for permission to stay in the UK in their own right.  Applications under the domestic violence rule are complex and IKWRO usually hooks women up with a legal aid solicitor to help […]

Last week we wrote about cuts to ESOL classes.  This week the government announced that it would be getting rid of the Female Genital Mutilation Coordinator.  As of tomorrow – 1 April – the only post across all of Whitehall which is dedicated to tackling FGM in the UK will go.  Sounds like a bad April Fool’s joke, doesn’t it?  But […]

On Monday the loveliest woman came to IKWRO’s office for our Nowruz party.  Let’s call her Shahla.  In between dolma and baklava, she taught me some Middle Eastern dance moves.  She also told me how she ended up in England.  Shahla’s in her late 20s.  She was part of the pro-democracy movement in Iran and […]

On the international day for the elimination of violence against women, IKWRO celebrates the good news that London Councils have decided to maintain our funding.

Tomorrow morning, representatives from each London borough are meeting at the London Councils office to decide whether or not to axe funding to IKWRO and lots of other organisations who provide vital services in London. We will be holding a peaceful demonstration outside their meeting.  We’ll also hand in our petition to Steve Bullock, the […]

IKWRO is campaigning to protect our funding from the London Councils Cuts. You can support the campaign by signing our petition and making a phonecall to London Councils. Go on, lend us your voice!