Nominations are open for the True Honour Awards!



Do you know someone who has made an outstanding contribution to the fight against honour based violence in the UK?

IKWRO announced earlier this year that we will grant True Honour Awards to one individual and one organisation.  The winners will each receive a cash prize and a commemorative piece of crystal.

The awards ceremony will take place in November and we are currently calling for nominations.  We want to hear from you if you know of a person or an organisation who deserves a True Honour Award. 

How to nominate someone

To nominate someone, simply write to us with the following information (no more than two pages please):

  • Your name, organisation, email and phone number.
  • The name, organisation, email and phone number of the person or organisation you are nominating.
  • How you know your nominee.
  • Details of how your nominee has contributed to the fight against honour based violence.
  • Why you think your nominee should receive a True Honour Award.

Send your nomination to or to IKWRO, PO Box 65840, LONDON EC2P 2FS.  Please make sure it reaches us by Monday 26 September 2011

Some ideas for who to nominate (just to get you thinking…)

  • Survivors of honour based violence who have used their experience to help others.
  • People who have spoken out against honour based violence in their community or workplace, in parliament, in the media or elsewhere.
  • Groups who help victims of honour based violence, for example through a helpline, support group or refuge.
  • People who have helped to bring perpetrators of honour based violence to justice, for example a police officer, a lawyer or a witness in a trial.
  • People who have found creative ways to raise awareness of honour based violence, for example by writing about it, making a film or producing an artwork.

Why are we granting True Honour Awards?

We want to raise awareness of the problem of honour based violence, and to recognise those who struggle to prevent it and protect those at risk.  There are an estimated 12 honour killings in the UK each year, and many more women face other forms of honour based violence, including beatings, imprisonment and forced marriage.

If you have any questions about the True Honour Award you can call IKWRO on 0207 920 6460 or email

Our blog has now moved into our main website.  Check it out here.


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